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Nespresso originated in 1988 in Switzerland. Since then, Nespresso has continuously expanded its markets and is now available in over 40 countries. Our machines are of high quality and are manufactured by a Swiss company at manufacturing facilities in Switzerland and Portugal. 

The System

Nespresso is all about offering premium coffee in different varieties, using a system that is compact, portable and very clean and easy to operate. All of our coffee varieties are from the best harvests of coffee beans from different parts of the world. Nespresso runs its own sustainable quality program and has long term relationships with its coffee farmers. For more information about the coffee varities please click here..


The Nespresso Professional Machines

With the Nespresso machines our customers can prepare espressos, lungos, lattes, cappuccinos or hot water for tea  within a few seconds. It is a patented system that keeps the machine clean and ready for the next cup at all times. The double head machines can be hooked up to a direct water line. Our smaller machines don’t require any hardwiring or plumbing and are completely portable. Simply plug into a standard electrical wall outlet and you are ready to serve espresso-based beverages on demand.

How to buy capsules

Nespresso has a direct marketing system which is applied all over the world. In Canada the capsules are shipped directly to your door within two business days. The capsules have a one year best of date from production. Our Grand Cru coffee varieties can be ordered in the following ways:

By phone 24/7 1855 325 5783

Online at

How to buy a machine

If you are interested in seeing for yourself how trouble-free exceptional coffee can be, please contact us. We can arrange an appointment at our showroom in Vancouver or we will arrange for a Nespresso representative to visit you so that you can sample our coffee and see how the system works. If you already know the system and know what model is right for you, you can also fax us the sales agreement and you receive the machine and your coffee order within a few business days by mail. Click here for online order.

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There are many accessories available for the Nespresso system. In addition to a wide range of exclusive, German-made porcelain cups and saucers, we also feature leather or wood serving trays, stainless steel spoons, frothing pitchers and cocoa sprinklers as well as stylish storage solutions for your coffee capsules. For office use, Nespresso also offers disposable paper cups, individually wrapped stir sticks and portioned sugar. A very popular extra is our complimentary Nespresso Magazine, published twice a year and sent out to all of our customers. The magazine has many interesting stories, recipes and features from the Nespresso group and beyond. Ask your Nespresso representative to see the current issue or read it online here.




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